9 ways to boost your business using TikTok & Instagram.

Instagram and TikTok are a need for every company. It’s a crucial strategy for connecting with customers, gathering insightful data, and expanding your brand. Here’s a list of tips on how to use TikTok and Instagram accounts to increase your brand awareness plus boost your business.

9 ways to boost your business using TikTok and Instagram

Why TikTok?

A creative and trend-driven media platform called TikTok enables users to make, watch, and share 15-second films. Since its release in 2017, TikTok has amassed an astounding 689 million monthly users. The app is renowned for its highly engaging user base and addictive nature because of its personalized feeds of entertaining short films combined with music and sound effects. It’s a popular platform for independent content creators, companies, and brands to creatively market their work, goods, people, and ideas to a global audience.

Why Instagram?

In 2022, Instagram had more than 1.1 billion active users, making it another hugely popular platform. There is no absence of Instagram business tools that support businesses in promoting and selling their goods and services, from Instagram Live to Instagram Stories. Instagram is a photo and video-focused visual platform, making it a great tool for companies with compelling visual content to share. Also, it is virtually fully mobile, with mobile-friendly tools and services.

Tips on using TikTok and Instagram to boost your business.

1. Target audience

Knowing who your target audience is no.1 aspect you should study. Before creating your content it is a must to know who is your target audience. Targeting the proper audience will benefit your business by fostering genuine relationships, encouraging client loyalty, and increasing sales. But how to define your target audience?

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Define your target audience.

Here are important key factors that you need to consider about the target audience;

  • Age
  • Career 
  • Language
  • Socioeconomic
  • Lifestyle Activities and Hobbies
  • Stage of life 
  • Priorities and motivation

Why do these key factors matter? Here’s an example; Astro is a company with a sizable market niche. Yet, when they attempt to appeal to a certain target demographic, their strategy is adjusted. Its content is appropriate for its intended audience in terms of presentation, language, and tone. Besides, you may ask yourself these questions:

  • What are their Instagram usage habits?
  • What are their problems and difficulties?

You can create content to connect with the Instagram users who are most likely to follow you using the answers to these questions. They will also assist you in delivering content consistently that will hold your audience’s attention for an extended period of time. So how does knowing this target audience helps you create original and fun content?

Your targeted audience is the group you are writing and creating for. These are the demographic groups, personality types, and followers who would respond most passionately to your message. Before creating or promoting any kind of content, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the target audience.

2. Authentic content.

Content creation never be easy. What kind of content should be published on TikTok? Which one is better for content creators? TikTok or Instagram? Can I just post the same content on a different platform?

Picture for producing quality content for Instagram while TikTok is better for true, unpolished content, whereas Instagram is better for polished stuff. TikTok is a possibility if you want to connect with a younger audience. Both platforms might be useful if you want to work with influencers, but Instagram might provide more attractive choices.

By providing original and relatable material, you give customers a chance to engage with your company in a way that would not be possible with highly polished or promotional content. It increases brand trust by showcasing your brand’s authentic side, you may remind customers that there are real people behind the logo.


Keeping it short, concise and fun is essential when producing a video. Try to make sure your videos are between seven and 24 seconds in duration as they currently perform the best and have the most replay value. Keep in mind that less is more.

3. Be consistent.

Being consistent on Instagram is a good method to develop on the platform, even though it’s the word of the moment. “Your audience will get to know you better the more frequently you post,” Consistent posting is a tried-and-true method for gaining TikTok followers. Posting frequently with original stuff is strongly advised.

4. Right Hashtag.

On social media, hashtags are vital because they help the targeted users find your content. Using relevant hashtags makes it easier for people to find and access your material, which increases views, likes, and shares. According to a study conducted in 2021, using hashtags to diversify brand channels appears to be a successful technique with the Instagram community.

Did you know?

The study also found that ‘holiday-themed’ postings with hashtags had the highest interaction rates across almost all industries.

5. Trending sound

It’s all about algorithms! Your marketing approach (and results) may be significantly impacted by using the right audio trend creatively and engagingly.

Also, the use of sound is essential for captivating viewers. Make an effort to employ background music and trendy sounds. Even at a low volume, using trending audio will fool the TikTok algorithm and push your video and gain more viewers. This applies to the Instagram Reels algorithm too.

6. Go Live.

Going Live has a lot of advantages for content creators on social media. It’s the ideal opportunity for you to expand your audience, engage with your fans in real time, and on Tik Tok, you can even do it while raising money for your chosen charity. However, to make it Live on Tik Tok, you must have at least 1000 followers, so you can practice #GoLive on Instagram first!

7. Follow trends.

For your company to remain current, engage with your audience, and support business growth, you must keep up with social media trends. Think of an engineer who hasn’t studied the most recent techniques and technologies or a fashion designer who hasn’t looked into the newest styles. Would you feel at ease wearing and using them? Social media marketing is the same. Customers will lose interest in your company if they encounter an outdated social media website or platform used by a business. Besides, following the newest trend increases your potential to go viral!

8. Actively engage.

Engaging in social media helps you improve your customer relationships. You have the chance to get to know your consumers and develop relationships with them when they interact with your posts or message you on social media. Also, engaging in social media allows you to develop consumer loyalty. You may improve customer loyalty by being there for your consumers in times of need, getting to know them, and providing a distinctive customer experience. Due to your responses to their inquiries, customers will have faith in your brand.

Engage is not all about connecting through comments or any other communications. Producing content on the platform that offers engaging features is a must too! Based on the study by Social Media Industry Benchmark Report, Instagram Reels should be used by every brand on Instagram. Reels have officially entered the Instagram conversation, they are made with the intention of reaching a wide audience and being embraced by various online communities. Which has long been a favorite and the most engaging post format compare to others.

9. Influencer collabs.

Teaming up with influencers and content creators, who have significant followings, can expose more people to your brand. Receiving a trustworthy person’s recommendation will give credibility to your brand. However, you need to make sure that you have a shared understanding of the goals and objectives as with any collaboration. Consider whether their audience matches yours before deciding which Instagram or TikTok influencer to work with, as well as how genuine an endorsement from their business would be.

You might be able to enhance brand recognition and product sales if you can locate the right influencer or content producer for your company.


Maybe it’s confusing to find influencers to collab with. Here is a secret tip for you; Go on the ‘Influencer grid’ and discover TikTok influencers with the top TikTok search engine.

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